Vibration Cancelling Solutions

Instruments and tools that are highly sensitive to sound, floor vibration have been widely installed in recent years. Often, due to the limited available space, these sensitive instruments have to be placed in small rooms next to each other or on higher floors rather than ground or basement level. In addition, some of these instruments are required to operate in restricted clean rooms where many sources of vibration and noise (fans, chillers, pumps, etc.) are located.

MD ECS has years of experience in solving noise and vibration problems in existing building and support in design of new facilities. Problem solving normally includes diagnostic measurements to identify the sources, mechanisms and paths involved. Based on facts a feasible, reliable and (cost) effective solution will be offered. Most effective way is to cancel or “isolate” the source, often it turns not to be a feasible option,

due to the limitation or related costs. In that case, the “isolation” of the instrument from surrounding becomes a more attainable option.

Generally there are two kind of techniques: passive or active isolation systems. Passive systems will often be applied by mounting the  instrument on rubber stamps or (air) springs. This is relatively cheap solution to isolate frequencies higher than 40 Hz. Attenuation effect in active systems starts from 1 Hz due to the application of different feed back/forward control loops.

Due to its modular design the AVI series offer isolation performance for wide range of applications

Anti vibration solutions