A close partnership between MD ECS and manufacturers / service providers in the field of Scientific Instruments around the world guartanees our customers optimal support:

Stefan Mayer Instruments

stefan mayer instruments

Stefan Mayer Instruments has more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing fluxgate magnetometers, magnetic field cancelling systems, and magnetic permeability meters. Their products are known for high performance, reliability and reasonable pricing. Their products are widely used in a variety of applications across the globe.

→ Read More: http://www.stefan-mayer.com/


Nexperion offers worldwide training, consulting, and setup services in the field of electron microscopy. A valuable mix of expertise and years of experience in EM laboratory, makes Nexperion an important partner to anyone who plans to setup new (Cryo) EM Lab anywhere on this globe. In addition, Nexperion offers software tools to support users and Lab managers for more efficient working with their electron microscope.

→ Read more: https://www.nexperion.net/



SENSYS is one of the leading providers of magnetic and electromagnetic ground survey systems and components such as fluxgate magnetometer sensors in different application ranges.

→ Read More: http://www.sensysmagnetometer.com/en/

CZS Company

C.Z.S Company is our exclusive partner in I.R. Iran. The company has found based on the technology with the same name (visualization under ground). They are specialized in manufacturing suite of Hardware Equipment and related software which can provide information about the location and structure of a substance or buried objects under the surface of the earth.

→ Read More: http://www.czscompany.com