About our Company

Team of professionals ensures fast and accurate response to your needs

Our core competences can be categorized as follows:

•Mechanical vibration; measurements and trouble shooting in buildings or particular structure/product
•Noise and Acoustics in the buildings, roads or structure, noise control
•Electromagnetic field site survey and root causing investigation

We strive for:

•Listen actively and respond quickly to your requests
•Minimize the project completion time in order to support effectively in time and money
•Offer tailor-made measurement techniques, test plans that fit exactly to your expectation
•Offer feasible mitigation solutions within pre-set constrains (performance, budget and time)
•Clear and concise communication both verbal and in writing English and Dutch

The company was founded in 2014 by Mohammad Daraei who has almost 20 years experience ( My Linked In account ) in the field  of machine dynamics,  vibration and EMI in high tech industry at R&D, Technical customer support and mainly customer environmental consultancy. He has worked for large high tech multinational companies in The Netherlands.

We bring world class global oriented know-how in the field of vibration, noise control and electromagnetic field to measure fast and accurate to identify the root causing issues and to offer solutions which are feasible, (cost) effective and fit within the pre-set boundaries (deliverables, cost, time and quality)

For more details about our scope of services, past projects, please feel free to contact us

    • Worldwide fast respond
    • Services, Solutions are accurate and (cost) effective
    • High service, professional approach, guaranteed performance
    • Short and clear communication, no nonsense mentality

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